Introducing Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission

With the enactment of the new Public Service Act 2020, we have changed our name.

Our new name is Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission.  The shortened version will be Te Kawa Mataaho.

The shift from the State Services Commission to the Public Service Commission reinforces the intent of the Act, which aims to emphasise service to New Zealanders and their communities as the driver of everything we do. Te Kawa Mataaho reflects the essence and purpose of the Commission. It speaks to being an authority for maintaining kawa | protocols and practices as it leads the public sector in the service of our nation.

In te ao Māori, Te Kawa Mataaho also signals our role in promoting and nurturing the spirit of service public servants bring to their work, as well as public service values.

Changes to our website will occur gradually, with changes to our logo and most commonly accessed website pages actioned first.  Our website domain name has changed to and our email addresses will similarly change over time; starting with individual, and other key contact addresses.

Transition arrangements mean than our old domain name and SSC email addresses will continue to function for several months.

For more information about the Public Service Act 2020, please read Public Service Reforms and Public Service Act 2020 Factsheets.

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