Organisational structure

Peter Hughes

Peter Hughes CNZM (he/him)

Public Service Commissioner and Head of Service | Te Tumu Whakarae mō Te Kawa Mataaho

As the Head of Service, Peter is a visible system leader for all public servants.

Peter leads the Public Service chief executives, who form the Public Service Leadership Team, to steward New Zealand’s public management system.

Helene Quilter

Helene Quilter QSO (she/her)

Deputy Public Service Commissioner | Te Pou Turuki mō Te Kawa Mataaho

As Deputy Public Service Commissioner, Helene has the same statutory powers as the Commissioner and is able to undertake his duties in his absence.

Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron (she/her)

Deputy Commissioner, Strategy & Policy | Kaikōmihana Tuarua, Te Tohutohu Rautaki me te Kaupapa Here

Hannah’s policy team leads the Commission’s system reform work, providing advice and innovative tools to support the future design of the public sector. Hannah is responsible for the Commission’s data collection and analysis functions, which inform our work on Public Service design and reform.

Catherine Williams

Catherine Williams (she/her)

Deputy Commissioner, Integrity, Ethics & Standards | Kaikōmihana Tuarua, Te pono, te matatika me te tautikanga

Catherine manages the Integrity, Ethics and Standards group, which provides leadership to support public servants to act with the highest levels of integrity, and to build New Zealanders’ trust in public services.

Erik Koed

Erik Koed (he/him)

Deputy Commissioner, System & Agency Performance | Kaikōmihana Tuarua, Te Aromātai Whakatutukitanga

Erik's group plays a key role in driving system and agency performance. His responsibilities include supporting the recruitment, appointment, and employment of Public Service chief executives. He is also responsible for the conduct of Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) reviews.

Dale Farrar

Dale Farrar (she/her)

Deputy Commissioner, Workforce, Employment & Equity | Kaikōmihana Tuarua, Te Ohu Mahi, te Mahi me te Whakaōrite

Dale’s group leads the development of the Public Service’s workforce strategies, driving improvements in pay equity and other areas that contribute to the Public Service being an exemplar employer. Dale leads the Public Service’s strategic employment relations management.

Heather Baggott

Heather Baggott (she/her)

Deputy Commissioner, Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion | Kaikōmihana Tuarua, Te Hautū, te Kanorau me te Whai Wāhitanga

Heather’s group supports public service leaders to identify and promote the diversity and inclusion priorities for the system, monitor and report on progress, and lead and steward system-wide impact. They also work with senior leaders to develop and implement leadership strategies that meet the needs of agencies and the system.

Duane McKibben

Duane McKibben (he/him)

Deputy Commissioner, Organisational Capability and Performance | Kaikōmihana Tuarua, Whakatutukitanga ā-Whakahaere

Duane’s group enables the Commission to deliver and perform at its best. Organisational health, continuous improvement of the operating model and modelling best practice for the Public Service are important parts of the Commission being ahead of the game, fit for the future and enabled to lead and serve. His group provides a range of corporate services including information technology, human resources, finance, property, planning and reporting, risk and assurance.

Alastair Hill

Alastair Hill (he/him)

Chief of Staff, Office of the Public Service Commissioner | Upoko o ngā Kaimahi, Te Tari a Te Tumu Whakarae mō Te Kawa Mataaho, Upoko Ratonga

Alastair is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Office of the Public Service Commissioner. As chief of staff, Alastair is responsible for enabling the business of the Commission and supporting the Commissioner in his leadership role.

Ruth Berry

Ruth Berry (she/her)

Chief Communications Officer | Āpiha Whakapāpātanga Matua

Ruth’s area is a key enabler of the Public Service Commissioner’s leadership role across the public sector. Accordingly, she leads communications and engagement both within the Commission and, through a range of channels, with key audiences including chief executives, Public Service staff, and the wider public.

Nicola Purvis

Nicola Purvis (she/her)

Chief Legal Officer | Āpiha Mātāmua ā-Ture

Nicola leads the legal team who are responsible for the provision of legal advice to the Commission and assisting legal colleagues in the wider public sector. The legal team also manages the legislation administered by the Public Service Commissioner, provides assurance that operations are legally compliant, and gives advice on machinery of government matters.

Tania Ott

Tania Ott (she/her)

Deputy Commissioner, Public Service Fale | Kaikōmihana Tuarua, Te Whare Pasifika

Tania’s team plays a key role in the Commission’s international relationships across the Pacific public service. Tania leads the Public Service Fale team who are responsible for serving and facilitating the Pacific Public Service Commissioners to achieve their goals and strengthen public services for their citizens.

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