27 February 2014

This page collects a series of induction modules for Crown entity board members. The modules contain information primarily for new board members of statutory Crown entities, and can be used by entities and monitoring departments in full or to supplement their current induction programmes.

This induction material for Crown entity board members, first published in 2008, has been updated to reflect changes made to State sector legislation in 2013.

Crown entities make up a significant part of the State sector, and undertake a wide range of functions. Total Crown entity expenditure is currently around 45% of the Government's budget. Many have their own enabling legislation and all operate with varying degrees of independence from their responsible Ministers.

Governance of Crown entities is the responsibility of their boards or, in a limited number of cases, a Corporation Sole. Board members are appointed from many different backgrounds, and bring a wide range of skills and expertise to their role. But they will not necessarily have a full understanding of working within what might be called the Crown environment.

Many Crown entities and monitoring departments already provide induction programmes for new board members. In response to feedback from boards and monitoring departments a package of induction material was developed by SSC in 2008 with Boardworks International. It has been updated to reflect changes made to State sector legislation in 2013.

The material is grouped into 8 modules. It can either be presented in full, or one or more modules can be used alongside an agency's existing material.

The primary audience for the induction material is new board members of statutory Crown entities. Entities and monitoring departments are free to use the material in full or in part to supplement their current induction programmes: the modules as PowerPoint files are attached above. Feedback or questions regarding this information is welcome. SSC is also happy to consider requests to assist with presentations.


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