19 December 2022

New Zealand Police is the lead agency responsible for preventing crime and enhancing community safety. It works in partnership with individuals, communities, businesses, and other public sector agencies towards the vision of making New Zealand the safest country. Police is the government’s key front-line response agency with staff in large and small communities all over New Zealand and in liaison and policing development roles overseas.  

The statutory Deputy Commissioner of Police is appointed by the Governor-General on advice of the Prime Minister and holds office at the pleasure of the Governor-General. 

The Deputy Commissioner of Police supports the Commissioner of Police to lead and manage the performance of the organisation, support good governance, and enhance the culture, integrity and reputation of New Zealand Police. The position will have responsibility for oversight of specific operational and strategic areas as assigned by the Commissioner of Police.  

Police work in a dynamic environment. Priorities, and the capability and resources required to meet those priorities, are subject to change and as they do the responsibilities of the Deputy Commissioner are subject to change.  

One or more statutory Deputy Commissioners of Police may be appointed as result of this process. 

For further information on the role, an application pack can be downloaded from www.publicservice.govt.nz. 

For further information or a confidential discussion about this position, please contact:  

Katy Anquetil
E: Katy.Anquetil@sheffield.co.nz
M: 027 512 8193  

Nick Buck
E: Nicholas.buck@sheffield.co.nz
M: 027 474 5366 

Completed applications must be submitted by 5pm on Monday 16 January 2023 

Please submit application documentation to cvwlg@sheffield.co.nz  

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