1 May 2018: The Government announced in January 2018 that the Better Public Services programme would not continue in this form. These pages have been archived.

Government agencies are working together and with communities to come up with innovative ways to deliver better public services. See examples in the videos below.

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Delivering Better Public Services

Delivering Better Public Services within tight financial constraints is one of the Government's four priorities for this term. And achieving results that make a difference to New Zealanders is at the heart of that. Ten specific results have been identified, set across five result areas:

Result 1
Result 2-4
Result 5-6
Result 7-8
Result 9-10
Case Studies

Results for New Zealand

New Zealand's State sector faces increasing expectations for Better Public Services in the context of prolonged financial constraints compounded by the global financial crisis. There is demand for improvements in addressing complex, long-term issues that affect New Zealanders.

The key to doing more with less lies in productivity, innovation, and increased agility to provide services. Agencies need to change, develop new business models, work more closely with others and harness new technologies in order to meet emerging challenges.

To view the Snapshot of all the results, click on the image to the right.

Results 7 and 8 have been updated, the Snapshot data will be updated at a future date.

Better Public Services snapshot of results as at Mar 2017

Celebrating success

Recognising and celebrating projects that demonstrate public sector success and innovative approaches to delivering better public services.


Mathew Feekes, UCOL's 'Most Outstanding Student' in 2013

State Services Commissioner recognises programme turning lives around

State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie today recognised the 'Youth Guarantee' scheme – a multi-agency programme led by the Ministry of Education helping thousands of young New Zealanders earn higher qualifications and get better jobs and brighter prospects for the future.

The scheme encourages young people to get further education, training and work.  It uses a range of interventions to meet this goal including enrolment in fees-free courses, trades academies, vocational pathways programmes that are part of the 'Youth Guarantee' network and partnerships.

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Spotlight on better public services initiatives


Children accompanied by their parents get a glimpse of early childhood education (ECE) during the launch of the Pacific Early Learning Mobile Outreach Service (PELMOS) SMARTBUS. Read more...

Delivering better public services that meet the needs of New Zealanders requires government agencies to be innovative, responsive and work together. We're spotlighting just some of the State sector initiatives taking off now around the country:

Connecting you with government

Putting the law online

One view, one balance, one student loan

Knowing your duty

Government Legal Network - a pathway to success

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