Designed to provide a medium-term perspective of departments in the context of their longer-term vision and set out how they will get there.

Designed to provide a medium-term perspective of departments, in the context of their longer-term vision, and set out how they will get there.

A Four Year Plan provides a snap-shot in time of a department's strategic and medium-term planning. It describes what the department will look like in four years’ time. It answers "how will the department create increasing value for its customers and New Zealanders over the medium-term with the funding and balance sheet it has available?" in an integrated way.

Guidance for 2018 Four Year Plans has been released - see the Related Resources.

There is also an Excel template that needs to be completed for the supporting financial information due alongside the Four Year Plan.

Workforce Strategy in Four Year Plans

Workforce strategy is a key element of Four Year Plans.

The people capability/workforce resources in this section have been updated to reflect and support the developing maturity of Four Year Plans.

Being clear on workforce strategy enables delivery on strategic direction by aligning the workforce and workforce management approach to planned business results. 

The updated workforce checklist is designed to assist agencies to confirm that their Four Year plan addresses the key workforce questions

Agencies that may be quite new to developing a formal workforce strategy may find the ‘Notes for Agencies’ and ‘Notes for Sectors’ useful.

These resources include more detailed lines of enquiry to assist agencies and sectors to:

  • Consider the overall impact of their business strategy on their workforce needs
  • Build a picture of their current workforce
  • Identify desired future state
  • Develop a strategy to address any gaps between current and future state. 


Please discuss any initial questions you may have about the Four Year Plan guidance or process with your SSC Deputy Commissioner/Assistant Commissioner and /or Treasury Vote manager.  

Available for ongoing support as Four Year Plans are developed:

  • SSC Sector and Agency Performance Group contacts,
  • SSC Workforce Strategy Team contacts,
  • the SSC PIF Team,
  • Treasury Vote Teams, and
  • Functional Lead teams (GCIO, Procurement and PMCoE).

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