Te Ratonga Tūmatanui has a variety of roles right across New Zealand. As a public servant, you can fulfil your career aspirations and meaningfully express your spirit of service to the community. We are focused, committed and passionate about making a difference.  We are unified by a common purpose and guided by the core principles and values of the public service: 

As set out in the Public Service Act 2020, the purpose of the public service is to support constitutional and democratic government, enable both the current Government and successive governments to develop and implement their policies, deliver high-quality and efficient public services, support the Government to pursue the long-term public interest, facilitate active citizenship and act in accordance with the law. 

The public service principles are: 

  • political neutrality 
  • free and frank advice 
  • merit-based appointments 
  • open government 
  • stewardship.   

Our common values are: 

  • impartial - We treat all people fairly without favour or bias 
  • accountable - We take responsibility for our work, actions and decisions 
  • trustworthy - We act with integrity and are open and transparent 
  • respectful - We treat all people with dignity and compassion and act with humility 
  • responsive - We understand and meet people’s needs and aspirations. 

What it means to have a career in Aotearoa New Zealand’s public service 

1. Working together for a common purpose 

As a public servant, you will join a vibrant community where every role is crucial. When facing our biggest challenges as a nation we work together and tackle some of the most complex issues using our collective strength to make a meaningful difference for all New Zealanders. 

2. We’re uniquely Aotearoa New Zealand 

We have an important stewardship role to support the Crown, through the government of the day, to foster strong relationships with Māori under Te Tiriti o Waitangi | The Treaty of Waitangi.  In its 2011 Ko Aotearoa Tēnei report, the Waitangi Tribunal commented that the Treaty: 

"gives us our sense of right and place, grounding us in the traditions of the Pacific and the West at the same time…It is essentially optimistic in outlook…It is the precondition for unlocking Māori potential for the benefit of the country as a whole. It is the core of our national identity. And it is unique.” 

We are committed to a public service that is highly responsive to Māori issues; proactively, confidently and competently engages with Māori; is committed to developing the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver results for Māori; better able to partner with Māori and incorporate Māori perspectives into our work as a matter of course.  You will be part of the public service where everyone has an important contribution to make to improve our capability, support the Treaty relationship and, ultimately, ensure our policies and services are effective for Māori, whanau, hapu, iwi and to all of Aotearoa.

3. Diverse and inclusive 

We welcome and celebrate the richness diversity brings to our workplaces and mahi. Our strength lies in people like you as a representative of the diverse communities and citizens we serve. You are key to our success. We include different experiences, capabilities and knowledge to inform decision-making at all levels to help us tackle issues that impact you, your whānau, family, community and nation. Your ideas will be welcomed as together we meet the changing needs of Aotearoa and its people.

4. Your future, your way 

Working in the public service will give you opportunities, challenges and the ability to develop an exciting career. We are a unified public service which means you will collaborate and be supported to learn alongside others to strengthen the whole public service and work in an agile way to respond to shared challenges 

5. Modern and flexible work arrangements 

We need a flexible workforce to deliver better outcomes for Aotearoa. You will have use of modern and accessible digital technology that supports the flexibility you need. Our flexible-by-default working arrangements and agile ways of working means that you will belong to a team that can work across different locations and different timetables. 

6. Part of a proud public service 

New Zealanders have high satisfaction with public services and continually trust in our public sector.  We work hard every day to maintain the trust and confidence of the public service by acting with integrity and upholding the core principles and values in our work and how we behave. We’re a highly valued public service that works to make the greatest positive difference for New Zealanders.

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