Who this guidance is for

This guidance applies to most of the State services. The State Services Commissioner has issued this guidance, mandated under the State Sector Act 1988, to provide advice and guidance to the State services on political neutrality and integrity and conduct over the election period.

In general, this guidance applies to:

  • Public service departments, departmental agencies, their employees and contractors
  • New Zealand Defence Force
  • New Zealand Police
  • Parliamentary Counsel Office
  • Crown entities (including district health boards) and their subsidiaries
  • Crown entity companies and their subsidiaries
  • school boards of trustees
  • Public Finance Act 1989 Schedule 4 organisations
  • Public Finance Act 1989 Schedule 4A companies
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand (see section 57(4) of the State Sector Act 1988).

Some State sector agencies that do not come within the State Services Commissioner’s advice and guidance mandate include:

  • Crown Research Institutes or their subsidiaries
  • State-owned enterprises
  • tertiary education institutions such as universities.

Anyone in the State sector can use this guidance to know more about political neutrality, and integrity and conduct obligations, in the election period.

Read the Cabinet Manual for an explanation of the State services and the State sector.

Read the Cabinet Manual for information on the integrity and conduct obligations of State sector staff.

This general election guidance does not apply to other types of elections, such as local council elections. There are different legislative requirements for regional, city and district council, community board, local board, district health board and licensing trust elections.

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