The role of the State services

The State services serves the government of the day and the public of New Zealand. The State services is responsible for developing, advising on and implementing the Government’s policy decisions and delivering public services.

Serving government requires State servants to perform their role fairly, impartially and to a high standard. The sector’s “license to operate” is based on the State services having the trust and confidence of both current and future governments, and the public. For example, State servants working in policy must provide the best, impartial, evidence-based policy advice to Ministers, while State servants in operational roles must deliver high-quality services to all New Zealanders, in order to maintain public trust.

The Government's right to govern

The Government has the right to govern, including in the pre-election period, if it has the confidence of the House and the caretaker convention does not apply. Ministers in government are responsible for advocating and deciding on government policy.

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