Staff policy and processes

Providing a positive, open and politically neutral working environment provides a foundation for supporting staff and respecting State servants’ individual rights and freedoms.

State services chief executives are responsible for the integrity and conduct of their staff and maintaining the agency’s political neutrality over the election period.

Staff policies play an important role in informing staff about what they need to know at work, including how to conduct themselves appropriately. Staff policies will be consistent with this guidance, including respecting State servants’ individual rights and freedoms.

Useful and relevant staff policies will cover the significant issues that can come up for staff in an election year. This includes social media use, dealing with government information, advising the Minister appropriately, and notifying and managing outside work interests.

Policy and processes must not only be useful and relevant, it is just as important that they are regularly communicated to staff. Operating robust, fit for purpose, staff policies and processes is an important part of business planning. This is discussed below.

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