Advertising and publicity campaigns

The Guidelines for Government Advertising apply to both Ministers and the State services’ public communications, including:

  • publicity for ministerial or official announcements
  • information about services
  • paid publicity campaigns or launches
  • information about consultations.

Public funds must never be used for party political purposes in government communications. All government communications material, including advertising and publicity campaigns, must:

  • deal only with matters that the Government has direct responsibility for, such as informing the public about government policies or services, advising the public of their entitlements or responsibilities, or encouraging the public to adopt behaviour that is in the public interest (eg, road safety advertising)
  • be accurate, factual, truthful, fair, honest, and impartial
  • use unbiased and objective language that is free from partisan promotion of government policy or political argument
  • be lawful and proper
  • be undertaken only where there is an identified and justifiable need for information.

Read the Guidelines for Government Advertising.

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