The Public Service Fale supports and enables the work of Pacific Public Service Commissioners to strengthen public services across the Pacific region.

Pacific Public Service Commissioners lead the public service in their countries, to preserve public trust and confidence, deliver high quality services, and ultimately to improve outcomes for their people. The effectiveness of a country‚Äôs public institutions is one of the most important determinants of wellbeing of the people of that country. 

Since 2004, Pacific Public Service Commissioners have met annually to discuss their work, including sharing practices and engaging in mutual learning. In 2016, a working group was created to help Pacific countries to share and learn from each other. At the 2019 annual conference, Pacific Public Service Commissioners requested support from the New Zealand government to take this collaborative approach to the next step. 

The Public Service Fale is this next step in working collaboratively to improve public sector performance across the Pacific. The Fale is a joint Pacific initiative, designed with Pacific Public Service Commissioners. 

The Public Service Fale is a State Services Commission business unit that is steered by a governing board of Pacific Public Service Commissioners. The inaugural Chair of this board is Hon. Luamanuvao Dame Winnie Laban. 

The Fale works with Pacific Public Service Commissioners to develop solutions that work for Pacific countries, taking into account local history, culture, context, and practice. It aims to support and build local capability. 

The Fale was established in 2020 with funding from the New Zealand Aid Programme.

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