The Public Service Act 2020 supports change already underway and aims to ensure a modern, more joined-up and more citizen-focused public service.  

COVID-19 showed how agencies can join forces and move with agility to solve complex challenges facing New Zealanders in a crisis.  

We now need to be able to do this all the time.  

The 1980-90s public service reforms improved individual agency efficiencies, accountability and responsiveness, which saw us become a world leader in public management.  

But it also fostered silos that made it hard to collaborate and design comprehensive services and solutions for New Zealanders across agencies. 

The public service we are building will be unified, reflective of and responsive to the people we serve - and grounded in a commitment of service to the community. We’ll be better positioned to deal with social, economic and technological changes that have created expectations around what we do and deliver.   

Progress to achieve this is already underway and includes work on: digital transformation, better data collection, Māori Crown relationship building, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, new organisational forms, open government and reconnecting the public service with its core values.  The Act provides additional momentum.

An introduction to the Act, building a unified public service

PDF Transcript of sign language video: An introduction to the Act, building a unified public service (107KB | PDF)

Read more information in a series of factsheets

Celebrating Public Service Day 2020

Celebrating Public Service Day (87 KB | PDF)

Public Service Act 2020 resources

Overview of Public Service Act 2020 (289 KB | PDF)

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