Ensuring acted to ensure gender is not a factor in its starting salaries - The Department of Corrections

"What we found when we looked at the data was that women were starting on lower salaries than men and they weren't catching up … and this wasn't OK for us." 

Richard Waggott, Deputy Chief Executive, Corrections

More than 80% of the Department of Corrections workforce is employed on collective agreements with transparent pay scales and set criteria for progression. Starting salaries for most of these roles are the same and staff progress according to a structure competency system and/or qualification. This has been the main contributor to a zero gender pay gap within this segment of the workforce. However, the Department identified a gender pay gap in the remaining 20% of the workforce which is employed on individual employment agreements.

Corrections has developed resources and systems to ensure gender is not a factor in setting salaries for appointments on salary bands, including:

  • a guide on starting salaries for hiring managers with criteria for each percentile of the salary ranges
  • an online tool for hiring managers and panels showing the average and range of current salaries for the role, accounting for the length of service of existing employees
  • appointment panels recommending a starting salary for new appointments
  • the human resources department testing proposed starting salaries for adverse effects on the gender pay gap
  • monitoring starting salaries at regular intervals.

The guidance Ensuring gender is not a factor in setting starting salaries drew on Corrections’ experience and approach.

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