Applying the recruitment guidance to reduce bias - The Treasury

The Treasury is actively working to increase the representation of women at all levels of its organisation. It is using our recruitment guidance to review its policies and practices, to identify and reduce bias at the start of the employment life cycle.

For example:

  • All job ads are checked for gender-neutral language
  • Recruitment documentation prompts managers to consider the impact of selection decisions on gender balance in their teams and across the Treasury
  • Hiring managers use a tool to understand how a proposed new starter salary will impact on various organisational gender pay gaps.

The Treasury is also planning to:

  • Have panel members for all interviews complete unconscious bias training
  • Focus on mixed interview panels and mixed shortlists (internally)
  • Make shortlisting decisions in groups, rather than by hiring managers
  • Analyse and report data at each step of the recruitment process to identify where women drop out
  • Use te Reo Māori in advertised job titles and job descriptions
  • Introduce a talent acquisition focus on Māori capability
  • Increase transparency of salary and remuneration ranges during recruitment
  • Retrospectively analyse the progression of graduates with a gender focus.

Managers will receive training, guidance, and updated tools on what is expected at each step of the recruitment process in order to reduce gender bias.

Treasury drew on the Recruitment Guidance: Implementing the Gender Pay Principles and removing gender bias in recruitment processes.

"We've eliminated bias from our recruitment and promotion systems so that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed …. and I just feel incredibly grateful to work in an organisation where we’ve been able to make such a massive difference for the people who work here."

Jacinda Funnell, Deputy Chief Executive, NZ Customs Service

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