We must use common workplace information standards across the State services.

High quality workforce information is important for agencies to be able to recruit, develop and deploy the people they need. It enables them to better understand the make-up and needs of their workforce and develop workforce and workplace-related policies. It is also increasingly important for agencies to understand the diversity of their workforce, and how it reflects the wider diversity of New Zealand. Understanding the diversity then creates the potential to increase inclusion.

Workforce information needs to be collected and reported in a consistent way across the State services. This allows agencies to compare their information with that of other agencies, as well as at the system level, contributing to a greater understanding of the total workforce, so we continue to value, reflect and understand the communities we serve.

The Workforce Information Standard and the accompanying guidance, which was published in November 2018, makes it easier to collect and report workforce information across the State Services. Guidance for ethnic pay gaps and supporting information can be found here.

As part of system diversity and inclusion work, SSC developed Collecting disability information on the State services workforce guidance in consultation with disabled people, State service agencies and the Heads of HR working group.

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