As at 30 June 2020, there were 1,279 senior leaders in the Public Service (defined as the top three tiers of managers with chief executives being tier one). This compares to 1,181 senior leaders last year. Contributing to this increase were the addition of two new departmental agencies – the National Emergency Management Agency and the Cancer Control Agency.

The average tenure within their departments for tier two leaders, excluding those on fixed-term contracts, was 7.4 years in 2020, up from the low of 6.7 years seen in 2019. The average tenure for tier three leaders in 2020 was 9.9 years, down from 11 years in 2019, the first time this figure has dropped below 11 years. Average tenure for non-managerial staff is 8.3 years.

Annual sick leave usage for senior leadership is very low, at 3.6 days in 2020. This compares with 5.8 days for the ‘other managers’ group and 7.8 days, on average, for non-managerial staff.

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