Te Kawa Mataaho obtained customised 2006, 2013 and 2018 census data from Stats NZ to get a better picture of migrant flow into the Public Service. Around 28% of Public Service and Administration employees in 2018 were born overseas, up from around 22% in 2006. This compares to around 31% of all employed New Zealanders in 2018, 32% of those working in the private sector and nearly 40% of those working in central government health and tertiary education. Around 43% of Public Service and Administration employees in Auckland were born overseas.

Migrants who became New Zealand Public Service employees have come from over 50 countries. Commonwealth countries have provided the largest proportion of overseas-born public servants, led by the United Kingdom, India, South Africa and Australia, followed by Fiji, the Philippines and Samoa. By comparison, in the private sector a higher proportion of overseas-born employees have migrated from Asian countries such as India and China.

Note that some 2018 data for state owned enterprises has been included in the private sector results through the Stats NZ Census coding process.

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