The workforce resources in this section have been updated. Workforce strategy is an important element of Four Year Plans.

The State Services Commission (SSC) has a role in building a resilient, responsive and adaptable State Services. Workforce Strategy across the public service is a key part of this work.

Agency Workforce Strategies

A Workforce Strategy is a core part of an agency's or sector's business strategy and change agenda. Its purpose is to assist agencies and sectors to design and achieve the capability needed to deliver better results, now and in the future. Workforce Strategy timeframes may vary but covers a minimum of four years.

A Workforce Strategy:

  • Confirms that an agency's/sector's business strategy and results can be resourced and achieved

  • Assists an agency/sector to work through the organisational development and people aspects of its business strategy

  • Provides an agency/sector with a 'whole of organisation' view of their future workforce needs

  • Provides agencies/sectors with another way of communicating the future to their people

  • Sets in place a planned organisational development and workforce pathway that supports an agency to achieve its PIF Four Year Excellence Horizon

  • Provides a means to communicate to Ministers the agencies'/sector's response to workforce pressures in an environment of constrained funding.

Four Year Plans: Workforce Strategy Resources

Workforce Strategy is an important element of Four Year Plans.  The State Services Commission and the Treasury have jointly led the development of a Four Year Plan Guide which includes guidance on the workforce component. 

The updated Four Year Plan guide is the first point of reference for agencies for the development of the workforce aspect of Four Year Plans. The new Four Year Plan Guide offers more flexibility for agencies in how they present the organisational capability and workforce elements of Four Year Plans.

Because of the summary nature of the workforce element of Four Year Plans, we encourage agencies to also provide SSC with a copy of their full Workforce Strategy (or similar document) where these are available, in support of their Four Year Plan.


The SSC Workforce & Employment Relations Team is available to advise agencies and sectors on the workforce strategy aspects of Four Year Plans.

Please phone your SSC Workforce & Employment Relations Team contact or email us at

Previous Four Year Plans

Previous Four Year Plans are available on The Treasury's website under Budget information.

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