The Public Service needs leaders with experience across a range of sectors, roles, service delivery and operational environments. We’re building strong capability, skills and strengths to help us to deliver better outcomes and services for people in New Zealand. A range of resources have been developed to help you learn how to take the next development step in your career.

Public service career highlights

The Public Service gender pay gap is at its lowest level ever 8.6%
100% agencies now have flexible work by default policies
50% women in leadership roles - Chief Executives, 53.2% women in leadership roles - Leaders in top 3 tiers

See the Workforce Data page for more data on the Public Service.

Workforce Mobility Hub (the Hub)

The Hub supports agencies with any  COVID critical workforce pressures, by identifying what agencies need, and finding people from across the system who can be assigned to meet those needs.

Related information

COVID-19 Workforce Mobility Guidance for Public Service agencies

Information for Public Servants

Taking up opportunities outside of your usual role can provide new experiences, perspectives, and development. It can allow you to support Government priorities or offer support in times of critical or emergency response, which directly impacts other people in New Zealand.

If you’re interested in providing support during such times, talk to your agency Workforce Lead about cross agency secondment opportunities. If you don’t know who your Agency Workforce Lead is, please contact your agency Head of HR.

Information for HR Practitioners

The Workforce Mobility Hub (The Hub) provides a brokering service for agencies seeking critical COVID-19 workforce resources, working with agency-nominated Workforce Leads (Agency Workforce Leads). If you don’t know who your Agency Workforce Lead is, please contact your Agency Head of HR.

Please ensure all requests for urgent additional resources are channelled via The Hub through your agency Workforce Leads.

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