The State Services Commission (SSC) provides leadership to the State Services so that government works better for New Zealanders. It coordinates a programme to strengthen trust in government. The programme's success is measured by:

    - State servants' views about the trustworthiness of their colleagues and the agency they work for

    - the public's level of trust in public services.

Transparency International rates New Zealand's public sector as the least corrupt of the 180 countries assessed in the Corruption Perceptions Index 1 . State Services agencies need to keep focusing on integrity to maintain this trustworthy reputation.

The State Services Integrity and Conduct Survey (the Survey) was carried out in March and April 2010. The Survey measures levels of trustworthy behaviour observed by State servants within their agencies. It compares different types of State Services agencies and it shows trends in responses since the Survey was first conducted in 2007.

The Survey findings suggest both deepening a awareness of integrity expectations across the State Services and indicate a strengthening culture of integrity and trustworthiness.

The main findings of the Survey and the significant changes since 2007 are summarised in this report. The full report is available at: .


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