The Survey was managed by Research New Zealand using a question-set developed by the Ethics Resource Center for the biennial United States National Business Ethics Survey 5 . The questions used in the survey are the property of the Ethics Resource Center and are subject to copyright restrictions. The methodology used for the initial survey in 2007 was repeated in 2010 to ensure consistency.

In 2010:

    - 13,102 State servants were randomly selected to take part (compared with 7,782 in 2007)

    - 8,238 participated in the Survey (compared with 4,642 in 2007)

    - The response rate was 65.3% (compared with 60% in 2007)

    - 41 agencies 6 were randomly selected from the 136 agencies subject to the code (compared with 38 agencies from 120 agencies in 2007).

The survey data has a confidence interval of +/- 2.5% at the 95% confidence level. In other words, Research New Zealand is 95% certain that x% of State servants report in a certain way, plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

This report refers to some changes in the data between the 2007 and 2010 surveys. The changes discussed in this report are those that are statistically significant. This means that we are 95% certain that the change is real, rather than having happened by chance.

5 The Ethics Resource Center was contracted to conduct the State Services Integrity and Conduct survey in 2007,

6 Participants reflect the types of agencies to which the code applies. Results are categorised for:

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