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Executive Summary

The Commission's primary function is to appoint, employ and review the performance of Public Service Chief Executives. It must carry out this function to effect system-wide change to deliver citizen-centred services and Better Public Services (BPS) Results.

Progress towards these goals is tangible and positive. All of the BPS Results show positive trends and Chief Executives are increasingly adopting a collaborative system approach in their roles.

There are some areas where further development and design is needed. For example the alignment between Agency Four Year Excellence Horizons and their four year plans should be sharper and PIF Review findings should be used to drive performance expectations and the way in which performance management is undertaken needs refinement.

Other tools are still in development, such as the leadership assessment and benchmarking tool and an updated leadership success profile. Also a talent information management system, needed to store leadership information and drive the data analytics is being procured but is not yet in place.

The Commission must now enter a new phase - the second horizon - to connect the system with delivery of results. Having identified, planned and designed the tools, systems and processes, it must concentrate on improving its communication and engagement.

To be effective and transformational, the Commission requires:

  • Visible leadership: As Head of the State Services, the Commissioner must lead from the front.
  • Communicate with passion: The most effective form of communication is‘authentic', where the message given is clearly articulated and is seen to be from the heart, not from an email.
  • Focus on results and outcomes: If too much time is spent on design and planning this can stifle forward momentum.
  • Celebrate Success: While it is important to strive for excellence, it is as important to value and acknowledge achievements along the way.
  • Enable and Empower: The challenges of state sector reform are substantial and the risks in delivery are commensurate, but the Commission must recognise and manage them without stifling innovation and action.
  • Walk the Talk: Every employee in the Commission should be actively engaged and committed. They are the best ambassadors for the agency and must demonstrate the customer focus and collaborative style that Better Public Services Results demand.

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