The State Services Commissioner, Iain Rennie, has announced that David Smol will undertake the responsibilities of Acting Chief Executive Designate of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The Government has confirmed its intention to establish the new Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment by bringing together all the existing functions of the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Science and Innovation, Department of Labour, and Department of Building and Housing.   The four agencies will come together on 1 July 2012 under a single Chief Executive.  The new Ministry will play a central role in shaping and delivering a strong New Zealand economy.

Mr Smol is currently the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Economic Development (MED).

From 26 April to 30 June, Mr Smol’s responsibilities as Chief Executive of MED will be delegated to allow Mr Smol to focus on his new responsibilities.  He will continue to lead the business facing services changes outlined in the Prime Minister’s Results for New Zealanders 1 . He will also continue to play a key leadership role in the Government’s Business Growth Agenda.

It is intended that the Order in Council necessary to establish MBIE will be made on 14 May.  From the date of the Order, Mr Smol as the Acting Chief Executive will be able to make decisions to take effect from 1 July relating to the establishment of the Ministry to ensure a smooth transition.  

As a result of the Government’s decision to establish MBIE, the position of Chief Executive in each of the four agencies will be redundant from 1 July.

Mr Rennie said that each Chief Executive continues to effectively contribute to the transition process. The Commission would be working closely with the Acting Chief Executive Designate, and continue to work with the incumbent Chief Executives and their senior teams to provide support through this transition.  

The appointment of a permanent Chief Executive for MBIE is expected to be made by the State Service Commissioner by the end of September.  


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David Smol was appointed Chief Executive of the Ministry of Economic Development in 2008.  

David joined the Ministry in April 2003 as Deputy Secretary responsible for the Energy and Communications Branch.  The Branch provides policy advice to the Government in the areas of Energy, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Previously David was a director of an Oxford-based energy consulting firm, with clients in the UK and Europe, including large energy utilities and transmission companies, renewable energy generators, regulatory bodies and government departments.

From 1989-1997, David worked in New Zealand.  Initially he was an analyst and then manager in network industries at the Treasury. He was also secretary to the Trans Power Establishment Board, and spent three years at ECNZ, where he was seconded to the team that set up Contact Energy.

From 1984-1988 he worked for Conoco (UK) Limited, in upstream oil and gas.

1:  New Zealand businesses have a one-stop online shop for all government advice and support they need to run and grow their business.

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