Working together to deliver outstanding services
Staff from Ministry of Justice with New Zealand Police and Ara Poutama Aotearoa | Department of Corrections with Service Excellence Award at the Spirit of Service Awards 2020

Strong collaboration allows the Public Service to best serve its communities.

Ministry of Justice with New Zealand Police and Ara Poutama Aotearoa | Department of Corrections showed this in delivering outstanding justice services in support of the Christchurch mosques sentencing.

They poured their hearts and souls into their work in an unprecedented response that demonstrated New Zealand’s court system at its finest. Their innovative, culturally informed, victim-focused efforts, which continued through changing COVID-19 alert levels, shows the huge difference that can be made for victims, without the need to change legislation.

They exemplified what is possible when public servants work together with compassion, flexibility and outstanding spirit of service.

For this reason, they were the deserving recipients of Te Tohu mō te Ratonga Whakahirahira | Service Excellence Award at the 2020 Te Hāpai Hapori | Spirit of Service Awards.

Joined-up working

The Act provides for new organisational forms that assist agencies to join up more effectively for common purposes. These are the interdepartmental venture and the interdepartmental executive board. As noted earlier in this report, the last year has seen the establishment of two executive boards – one in the strategic planning area and the other relating to delivering an integrated and effective border system. These organisational options will continue to be considered as ways of addressing other cross-agency areas of policy or operations where is it necessary to bring together formally the efforts of discrete agencies. This year, we published guidance on new machinery of government options to support agencies with advice and implementation.

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