How we work together

We’re a small departmental agency with a big reach. As at 30 June, we employ 32 permanent and fixed-term people. Our organisation’s structure positions the Agency to achieve the mandate set out for us. Our three business groups provide strategic leadership over our work.

Office of the Chief Executive Group

The Office of the Chief Executive provides high-quality and fit-for-purpose support and advice (including secretariat support) to the SWB and SWC. It manages the relationship with the Minister’s office and ensures excellent external and internal communications. The Director and Chief Advisors provide strategic advice and support to the Chief Executive and wider Agency across a broad range of areas, in particular Ministerial engagement and bringing a Māori perspective and social science expertise, knowledge, advice and support.

Advisory Services Group

Advisory Services is core to the Agency and acts as the ‘engine room’. It includes the technical capabilities we need to work with the social sector to create insights, tools and practices that improve people’s wellbeing. The Deputy Chief Executive leads these core business functions to create maximum value for our customers and stakeholders. The team undertakes planning by prioritising customer, people and organisational requirements.

Organisational Performance Group

Organisational Performance enables the Agency to be the best it can be by developing and improving organisational capabilities. Led by the Director Organisational Performance, the team leads the development and implementation of the Agency’s organisational strategies. It develops and supports organisational capabilities and practices to ensure our portfolio of work and projects are well managed, planned and executed. In addition, the team manages our corporate functions, including services provided by external partners.

A 5-layered triangle showing the organisational structure of the five business and advisory groups of the Social Wellbeing Agency. The inner triangle is split into 5 segments: a dark orange inner circle labelled Advisory Services surrounded by 4 other light orange wedges. These are labelled: Data Systems, Insights, Analytics, and Sector Engagement. There is a second light grey triangle sitting behind this with the right-most edge showing, labelled Organisational Performance.There is a third darker grey triangle sitting behind these two, labelled Office of the Chief Executive. Encasing these three side-by-side triangles is a larger dark teal triangle labelled Chief Science Advisor. Encasing this triangle is the final largest light teal triangle labelled Chief Maori Advisor

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