Working flexibly at Te Kawa Mataaho
Bill Moses, Chief Digital Officer at Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission, sitting with laptop in office of The Commission

We support our staff to work flexibly and have adapted our technology over the last year to facilitate this – often using Zoom and Microsoft Teams to connect. Our Āpiha Mātāmua Pārongo | Chief Digital Officer, Bill Moses, has been integral in this mahi.

“Digital has always been a key component of how we perform our roles. However, recent experiences have shown how important a learning and resilient mindset is. We all need to embrace new ways of working by putting digital tools and platforms to their best use.”

While flexible working arrangements were a focus for the Public Service before the pandemic, COVID-19 lockdowns meant that remote work became a way of life for longer than many organisations were prepared. The Commission has integrated our kawa into the way we support our people to work flexibly and effectively.

“We maintain our organisational protocols at all times to support responsiveness, connection, collaboration and outcomes, regardless of when and where we work.”

Our place – we build a modern and flexible workplace

We continue to build a modern, vibrant, collaborative working environment that helps our people to do their best work. During 2020/2021, we finalised an agreement to lease an additional floor within the Reserve Bank of New Zealand on The Terrace in Wellington. This was acquired to accommodate our increasing staff numbers and bring in the Leadership Development Centre. We now house all the organisation’s staff within a single location. We used this opportunity to make further improvements to our facilities, adding more collaboration spaces, a learning hub and soundproof pods for private conversations.

We are embedding our flexible-by-design approach as staff adopt new ways of working. We have provided the technology to enable this flexibility, and 2020/2021 saw our people becoming regular and adept users of SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and other enabling technologies for collaboration. This fulfills a vital piece of our value proposition to our staff, as well as meeting our requirements under our gender pay action plan. It also builds resilience and adaptability for business continuity within the current COVID-19 environment.

Technology is one of the key ways we can enable our people, and we are continuing to provide our staff with new and improved tools and resources. In 2020/2021, we enhanced our work templates and visual identity, implemented FollowMe® printing and introduced process automation to help us work more efficiently. We also developed an Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP), which will determine the strategic direction for our information technology over the coming three years.

Information is vital in the operation of any organisation. It needs to be both accessible and secure. This year, we focused on strengthening our information and records management systems. This included refreshing our policy and engaging teams across the organisation to enhance their information management practices. We play a trusted role in everything we do, so information security is a key aspect of the way we manage our network and devices. A key feature of our flexible working is the ability for staff to work remotely, with the assurance that their information is safe. We treat this trusted position seriously, with a regular programme of security assessments across the suite of all-of-government tools and services that we use. 2020/2021 saw us progress our cyber security roadmap for the organisation, including an extensive certification and accreditation programme across all our websites and applications.


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