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Public Service chief executive performance management, remuneration and reward

Achieving a sustained improvement in Public Service performance has required a significant shift in how government departments operate and work together.

Performance management and remuneration approaches for chief executives have been designed to drive a step-up in performance and measurably better results for New Zealanders, with strong links between chief executives' performance, the results their agencies achieve and their remuneration.

The approach is based on performance expectations that are common to all Public Service chief executives and a number of chief executives outside the core Public Service. There are corresponding portions of a chief executive's remuneration (except for those chief executives whose remuneration is set by the Remuneration Authority) which are at risk and must be earned through individual and collective performance.

The bar for performance has been set high. Chief executives have to clearly demonstrate that they are acting in the best interests of the Public Service and delivering better public services, now and into the future.

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