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The drivers for change

Achieving a step-up in performance and measurably better results for New Zealanders requires stronger links between chief executives' performance and the results their agency achieves, recognised through their remuneration.

The renewed approach is designed to support:

  • the expectation of a more collaborative/sector-focused approach to the way chief executives operate in order to deliver results that matter for New Zealanders
  • a greater emphasis on the management of the Public Service for now and for the medium term - an emphasis on stewardship
  • the need for increased transparency about the framework(s) and processes used by the Commission and on individual outcomes for chief executives which can be clearly communicated
  • the legislative changes to governance in the State sector which were enacted in 2013. (The Commissioner can now transfer chief executives between Public Service departments. This requires greater flexibility in the way that chief executive remuneration (among other things) is structured, while maintaining transparency and integrity of approach.)

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