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Total Potential Remuneration

Total Potential Remuneration (TPR) is the term used to describe the potential remuneration a chief executive can earn.

The combination of the different components that make up a chief executive's pay is called Total Potential Remuneration ''

Target Remuneration includes an ‘Earn Back' component where 10% is withheld until after performance has been assessed at the end of the year. This payment is dependent on very good performance by the chief executive against achievement of the expectations which relate to the effective operation of the agency. In addition, chief executives are expected to contribute to system-wide performance.

Chief executives can also potentially earn an exceptional Performance Payment of up to 15% of their Target Remuneration. This payment is specifically linked to exceptional performance against the system-wide stewardship expectations.

Under the previous system, chief executives could earn up to 15% of total remuneration as a performance related payment at the Commissioner's discretion.

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