State sector boards, tribunals, advisory bodies and entities have a major impact on New Zealand's society and economy because of their broad range of powers and functions. Public trust in the integrity and effectiveness of those appointed to the boards of these agencies and bodies is very important. It is therefore essential that best practices are followed in recruiting and appointing capable people and in providing information and support to ensure nominees and appointees are well aware of the expectations on them.

The Board Appointment and Induction Guidelines is a resource to support the work of State sector officials and of Ministers and Ministers' offices involved in the appointment of, and induction processes for, board members. The guidelines have a strong focus on statutory Crown entity appointments and induction. However, the principles in the guidelines apply to all government board appointments, unless there are particular provisions in individual agencies'legislation that state otherwise.

Board chairs and members, applicants or nominees for positions, together with chief executives, should also find much of this guidance useful, because it summarises the relevant legislation and the duties of Crown entity boards as well as covering appointment and induction matters.

The guidelines are no substitute for a combination of good practice and good judgement as befits the needs of the agency or body, but they do provide a solid foundation onto which Ministers and State sector officials can build their specific requirements

The State Services Commission will keep the guidelines under review and amend them regularly. Suggestions for revision or improvement are welcome.


Iain Rennie
State Services Commissioner
November 2013

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