Who the guidelines are for

These guidelines are for everyone undertaking a government board appointment process. They are designed to assist departments, other State Services agencies, Ministers and their offices with making effective appointments to the boards of a wide range of agencies and bodies. 1

While the guidelines apply to all government board appointments and inductions (with the exception of State-owned Enterprises and Crown-owned companies - see below), judgement and common sense should be used when deciding the sophistication of the process to use in each circumstance.

The agencies and bodies the guidelines cover include:

  • statutory Crown entities: Crown agents, autonomous Crown entities (ACEs) and independent Crown entities (ICEs).
  • statutory tribunals, Tertiary Education Institutions, Royal Commissions, advisory committees, professional regulatory bodies.
  • a range of other bodies and agencies in the State Services that have boards, such as the Reserve Bank and a variety of Trusts and other statutory bodies named in Schedule 4 of the Public Finance Act 1989.

Many ministerial portfolios are also associated with bodies whose members constitute a board or its equivalent without employees (e.g. War Pensions Appeal Board; Queen Elizabeth II National Trust), or that serve as the governing body (e.g. Television Television Service; New Zealand Racing Board).

Some are set up for a finite period and not under specific legislation. In many cases, the Minister is responsible for appointing some or all of the members, and sometimes has the power to remove them.

1: The State Services Commission provides additional guidance on Crown entities at: publicservice.govt.nz/crown-entities.

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