Collection, storage, release and disposal of personal information

Departments should have specific protocols on handling personal information collected for board appointment procedures, which must reflect legislation on privacy and official information.

Privacy Act 1993

Relevant principles of the Privacy Act include:

  • Principle 2: personal information must be collected from the individual concerned.
  • Principle 5: an agency holding personal information is required to protect it against loss, unauthorised access or misuse.
  • Principle 9: an agency that holds personal information shall not keep it any longer than is required for the purposes for which the information may lawfully be used (for instance, the possibility of Judicial Review).
  • Principle 10: an agency that holds personal information obtained in connection with one purpose shall not use it for any other purpose, unless it has reasonable grounds to do so.
  • Principle 11: limits the disclosure of personal information to other persons or agencies.

People are entitled to have access to their own personal information held by a department, and to request correction of that personal information.

Official Information Act 1982

Official Information Act requests may be made for information on nominations, appointees, remuneration, etc. If this happens, the department concerned needs to carefully balance the public interest, the privacy of the individuals concerned, and the need to maintain the credibility of statutory appointment processes.

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