The role of Ministers, Prime Minister and Governor-General

Formal appointments to boards are made by the responsible Minister or by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the responsible Minister (for most independent Crown Entities). Responsibility for appointments to bodies other than Crown entities will depend on legislation or other governance mechanism.

For Crown entities, Ministers may appoint or recommend only those who, in their opinion, have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to assist the entity to achieve its objectives and perform its functions. Once a Minister has selected the candidate who he or she considers best meets the full range of requirements to be an effective board member, all but the most minor appointments should be discussed by the Cabinet Appointments and Honours Committee (APH). Departments need to take account of the APH timetable when preparing appointment submissions. The Cabinet committee timetable is available to government agencies from the Cabinet Office.

The Prime Minister should be consulted in the case of major appointments before they are submitted to APH; the definition of 'major appointment' is a matter of judgement by responsible Ministers.

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