Responsibility for induction and training 


Ministers are responsible for ensuring that new board members have an adequate induction and training in order to understand their role and any expectations the Crown might have of them.  In practice, Ministers usually delegate this role to their departments, in consultation with the board.

Ministers are likely to want to take a more active role in working with newly-appointed board chairs, to ensure they are aware of the Crown's expectations for the board and that the key responsibilities and relationships are well understood.

Board chairs

Chairs should brief new board members on the particular environment within which the board operates.  Depending on what already has been covered, the chair's briefing could include the nature of the entity's business (site visits may be useful), the composition of the board and its various procedures (sub-committees, expected workload, governance and management issues, etc), the member's responsibilities to the chair and other board members, and relationships with the Minister.

In some cases, responsibility for training new members is specified in legislation, e.g. Schedule 3 Clause 5 of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 ( requires District Health Boards to ensure new board members have appropriate training.


Any induction of board members by the monitoring department should be undertaken in consultation with the chair of the board.

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