Governance manuals for Crown entity boards

Every statutory Crown entity is expected to have a board governance manual that reflects good practice standards. The State Services Commission has developed a resource that supports the preparation of such manuals, 8  recognising that the fundamentals of good governance are common to all entities, despite their widely-differing roles and relationships.

That guidance is intended for those who are charged with developing, implementing and maintaining a board's governance manual. It should be used to ensure that all boards have governance material that meets good practice requirements across the range of topics. It may also assist departments in answering queries from entities on governance issues.

Many entities' manuals will need to include additional material to suit their legal circumstances and particular activities.

Guidance for Crown Agents, Autonomous Crown Entities, Independent Crown   Entities (excluding  DHBs), Updated March 2014 to reflect changes made to State sector legislation in 2013

Guidance for District Health Boards,  August 2010 (Note: Some changes to chapters 2, 4 and 15 were made in September 2011 to reflect amendments to the Public Health & Disability Act, that have an impact on DHB planning and reporting.)

8: A list of governance resources is at

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