Result 8

Result 8 – Better access to social housing

What is the target?

The Government has already made good progress in ensuring vulnerable New Zealanders have access to social housing, but we can do more.  

To do this, we are establishing the first Better Public Services result for housing. It is a single, simple target to reduce the time to house for Priority A clients from the social housing register by 20 per cent by 2021.

When New Zealanders with a serious housing need are assessed and found by the Ministry of Social Development to be eligible for social housing, they are placed on the social housing register. BPS Result 8 focuses on reducing the time to house people on the register who are assessed as ‘Priority A’ because these are the people with the most complex needs and barriers to accessing and sustaining private housing.

Why is this important for New Zealand?

Establishing a BPS Result for housing shows that the Government is focused on making sure people who need social housing get the right support quickly.

This will ensure that people with the most complex needs and barriers to sustaining a tenancy get access to secure housing sooner – whether in social housing, or in the private rental market. When people are in housing, they can work with MSD to address their needs, and move towards housing independence.

How will we know we are achieving this result?

We will be achieving the result when we see the time to house Priority A clients from the social housing register reduce. This target will also drive wider changes that make a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable New Zealanders. To achieve the result the Ministry of Social Development will need to address the circumstances driving need for social housing, increase social housing supply, and support people to live more independently.

What are we doing to achieve this result?

To achieve the target MSD will need to continue to work together with other agencies to ensure:

  • people’s support needs are met earlier, so fewer people need social housing
  • there are enough social houses for those who need them
  • people on the social housing register are supported quickly into social housing or the private market
  • people in social housing have access to tailored support services to help them move into private housing as and when they can.

The Delivering Better Public Services: Better Access to Social Housing Result Action Plan sets out the Government’s plans for achieving Better Public Service Result 8. The overall aim is to reduce the median time to house for Priority A clients on the social housing register by 20%. You can view the plan on the Ministry of Social Development website.

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