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Result 1 Case Study 2 

In support of the October 2012 Welfare Reform changes, Kapiti Service Centre has been providing clients with the opportunity to attend employment focused workshops from March 2013.  These workshops assist and support sole parent beneficiaries to come off a benefit and become independent.

Sole parents with full-time work obligations are invited to attend these workshops to learn about Working for Families assistance, and the appropriate tools and resources available to them to prepare for and find work.  To date, over 100 sole parents have participated in these workshops and the experience has been very positive for both the Workshop Facilitator and many of the participants.

"Working with sole parents has been very positive," she said They are eager to participate in services we provide and are interested in learning more about childcare assistance, the Working for Families package and the Transition to Work grant. Some clients are overwhelmed with how simple it can be to go off benefit with the assistance that is available for them. It is great to see the satisfaction they gain when they become independent".

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