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Work and Income is ensuring that clients can find employment early because we know the effect of long-term unemployment on people. We have increased the number of clients that exit from benefit before they reach the long-term Jobseeker Support group, while achieving reductions for clients in the target group.    

Henrietta was on a benefit, and because of health conditions, she couldn't work.  A little over a year ago, she received medical clearance from her doctor to return to work. 

Her Work Focused Case Manager encouraged and supported her with her job search.

"We built up a good relationship over about a two month period, we had some great conversations and I could see huge changes in Henrietta with her confidence increasing all the time."

Henrietta soon built up the confidence to approach employers directly, and her perseverance paid off with an offer of employment. The job was part-time to begin with but as her hours increased she was able to move off benefit altogether. 

Work Focused Case Management and Flexi Wage help Wade into full time work

For 31 year old Wade, Work Focused Case Management provided the prompt he needed to motivate him back into the workforce.

Wade had been on and off benefit since he turned 18, with short periods in employment and seasonal work. It was five and a half years since he'd worked. 

Following the introduction of the Welfare Reform changes, Wade worked closely with a Work Focused Case Manager who worked with him and supported him to look for a job.

With the help and support of a Work and Income Work Broker, Wade was referred to a vacancy. Unfortunately, this didn't go so well.

Not giving up and knowing Wade's potential, the Work Broker talked with the employer over the possibility of giving Wade another chance.  Wade was invited back for a second interview in which he made a really good impression.

Wade was offered a full-time position and has been in the role of retail assistant since January 2014 with the help of Flexi Wage.  He is enjoying the job and eager to learn as much as he can.

When asked about what it's like to be in work Wade replied "It's going great.  They are all really supportive here and it's really good to be in the workforce again.  I am learning as much as I can and Work and Income helped me out a lot".


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