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The Ministry of Education has developed the Early Learning Information system (ELI) to gain more insight into the benefits of early childhood education (ECE). This will provide more accurate and timely information about when, where and how often children are participating in ECE.

ELI will collect enrolment and attendance data from approximately 80% of ECE services directly via their Student Management System (SMS), while ECE services that don’t use an SMS can send data securely directly to the Ministry using ELI Web.

The Ministry successfully piloted ELI Web with a small number of services in December 2013. The pilot participants found it very user friendly, and will continue to use it to send their data to the Ministry even though the pilot has ended.  A small group of ECE services using the Infocare student management system will pilot their ELI functionality from early 2014 prior to the progressive sector roll out during 2014.

ELI will give the Ministry a better picture of where priority groups and individuals need more support to engage in ECE.

ELI works by giving children an individual National Student Number (NSN) when they start ECE, instead of when they start school as currently happens.  This NSN will stay with the child as they move to school and beyond. So far 135,000 children in ECE have been given an NSN.

Once it is rolled out, ELI will electronically collect and store ECE enrolment and participation information for approximately 180,000 children. 

For more information about ELI visit ECE Lead (Ministry of Education website).

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