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Result 1 Case Study 5

Sarina Harding, Studying Bachelor of Health Science in Midwifery at AUT South Campus.

The South Auckland area has a very young population with over 40% under 25 years of age.A significant proportion of the youth are Pasifika and the which are priority groups for improving access and attainment within education. 

Making sure there are relevant education opportunities and pathways for young people to move into is vital for increasing the skills of the workforce and the social and economic outcomes of the South Auckland community.

The expansion of the Auckland University of Technology’s (AUT) South Campus in Manukau provides new opportunities for students looking to gain skills and career options.

Vivien Bridgwater, Head of AUT South, says that our campus reflects South Auckland’s vibrant, young population.

“Our role is to inspire, guide and support our students so that they achieve their education goals and graduate into exciting careers that benefit themselves and their families, as well as the wider community and economy.”

AUT’s South Campus offers study options at Level 4 and above, including undergraduate degrees in a broad range of disciplines such as business and the health sciences.Sarina Harding wants to graduate from AUT South Campus with a Bachelor of Health Science in Midwifery and to work at Middlemore Hospital.

Sarina’s course involves regular placements in hospitals and midwife practices. Sarina says the support network at AUT’s South Campus makes all the difference. “The support network is incredible. We’re like one big family. It is also easy for me to commute and it isn’t putting me out with my family and childcare”.

In 2014, 360 additional full-time student places have been funded at AUT’s South Campus, bringing the total number of full-time student places at AUT South Campus to over 1,000.By 2020, it is projected that over 4,000 full-time student places will be funded at the AUT South Campus.

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