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Ross Faulkner of Faulkner Construction

Apprenticeships provide an opportunity for trainees to gain skills on the job and for employers to gain and develop good employees, and provide a return to their industry. 

Ross Faulkner from Faulkner Construction, came into the construction industry as an apprentice carpenter, and is a strong supporter of apprenticeships to enable others to have the same opportunity.

Although there are the obvious costs of wages and training time, apprentices fill a role with entry level tasks and can progress to become valuable skilled employees.  Taking on apprentices supports good business practice.   

"I view each apprentice as a potential site lead person for our future work crews.  Having someone come through the ranks saves us the worry of the unknown. We teach an apprentice our ways and methods.  Quality is extremely important as our business statement is 'Building with Pride and Excellence,'" says Mr Faulkner.

In New Zealand Apprenticeships, trainees work towards Level 4 qualifications with employers and training assessors.

"The practical side of apprenticeship training happens on site, and is done through our senior staff," says Mr Faulkner.

The theory is done by the apprentice completing work books after hours.  These books cover both theory and their practical experience.   The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation check the apprentice's theory books and have to agree with us once we say the apprentice has reached the industry standard in their practical work, which covers each aspect of the building progress.

"The apprentice training system has developed into a really well balanced package that offers the full range of training that will ensure our qualified carpenters remain amongst the best in the world".

Faulkner Construction currently has three apprentices undertaking New Zealand Apprenticeships.

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