1 May 2018: The Government announced in January 2018 that the Better Public Services programme would not continue in this form. These pages have been archived.

Result 7 Case Study 2

Victim Focus is a Police initiative to work with victims to help them avoid suffering from repeat crime. Launched in late 2012, more than 9000 police officers have now received Victim Focus training and District Victim Managers have been established in each Police district as champions for the initiative.  

Under the initiative frontline officers can access Police's National Intelligence Database every time they work with a victim and this tells them if they have previously been offended against in the past 12 months.  

This flag details the type and number of crimes the person has experienced and helps Police devise a response to help prevent them or their property being targeted again. The more times the person has been affected by crime, the more graduated the response will be.

For example, a first time burglary victim will receive simple, practical crime prevention advice such as to lock their doors and windows or install security lights or deadlocks.

A person who has suffered serious and repeat crimes will have an intervention plan built around them, and other agencies will be consulted on how they can be better supported. For example, Police may work with Victim Support to request a grant from the serious crime emergency fund, which is administered by the Ministry of Justice, to install burglar alarms in a home that is repeatedly targeted by burglars.

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