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Result 7 Case Study 4

In 33 locations throughout New Zealand, Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs)are prime examples of deployment in action and personify Prevention First. NPTs are dedicated teams of Police officers operating in priority locations – where you are more likely to be the victim of a crime – targeting the drivers of crime and creating safer, more secure neighbourhoods. Officers are an integral part of their neighbourhood and, in partnership with the community, look to tackle the underlying causes of crime and safety issues and put sustainable solutions in place. With a victim-centric approach, NPTs are focused on long-term prevention activities. NPT staff have iPhones and iPads, enabling them to spend more time in the community engaging with people face-to-face both to do their job, and maintain trust and rapport. Feedback indicates the teams are helping improve trust and confidence with Police, building positive relationships with their communities and making local residents feel safe.

“There’s been a big drop in family violence since the NPT has been in operation in this area. We used to see the same families having incidents week after week after week. These would escalate in frequency and seriousness but now we are seeing a turnaround. Prevention is a huge part of what the Police are doing now, and it is working. Most people were used to seeing the Police after an incident had happened, and they do not usually react well to the Police at the door. But they are now used to seeing the Police coming around and seeing them in a different light; it makes a huge difference.”
(Victim Support Coordinator, Counties-Manukau District)

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