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As part of the justice sector target to reduce re-offending by 25% by 2017, the Department of Corrections has increased the number of interventions delivered to offenders both in prison and in the community. These interventions are also being further targeted to address the underlying issues that led people to commit crime, and being offered to a wider group of offenders.

More than 50% of crime is committed by people under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs, which makes intervening in problematic alcohol and other drug use a major focus.

In the community, probation staff are now delivering brief interventions in relation to alcohol and other drugs, alongside other rehabilitative activity including relapse prevention and motivational interventions, to offenders throughout New Zealand.

Once problematic alcohol or other drug use is identified, a brief intervention consists of a short, focused conversation that aims to: provide feedback on identified harms associated with their use; enhance motivation to address the harms; and identify specific goals or actions in relation to use and/or harm reduction.

Probation staff have now delivered more than 32,000 direct interventions to about 11,000 offenders.

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