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Result 8 Case Study 6

Corrections' Out of Gate service helps short-serving prisoners readjust to life beyond prison walls and steers them away from a life of crime.

The service assists offenders with the tangible things they need most when they come out of prison, such as a place to live, a job, identification and a bank account, and connection with family and community supports

Five community providers are contracted to assess prisoners' needs and 'navigate' them to a range of services. The providers have also designed and delivered some innovative services for offenders, from release packs and employment support services to programmes for the children of offenders.

Out of Gate started in late 2013 and by the end of May 2015 more than 4200 offenders had been referred to the service.

A small scale analysis showed that offenders who completed Out of Gate were 4.14 percent less likely to be re-imprisoned than those who did not receive it.

Out of Gate is available to offenders serving sentences of two years or less or who have been on remand for more than 60 days. 

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