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Result 9 Case Study 1

Zane Smith is a tourism entrepreneur who runs his business, Vation Limited, from an office in Greymouth, but works all over New Zealand. Zane sells his expertise, experience and energy to tourism operators who want to improve their marketing and their product.

For Zane, time is money.

A recent trip to China to receive a tourism award inspired Zane with the opportunities available in the Chinese market. Back in New Zealand he hired two new staff and embarked on rapidly growing his business with a focus on this market.

With new staff and a bigger business to manage Zane has more 'paper work' than ever, right when he needs to be putting all his time and energy into growing his business.

Improvements to Inland Revenue's online services couldn't have come at a better time for Zane. Filing GST through the personalised myIR secure online service moved a big part of Zane's 'paper work' online, simplifying his tax obligations and reducing the time he spends paying tax. With business records already on his computer, Zane can file his tax return from anywhere in New Zealand - all he needs is an internet connection.

Through myIR he gets an overview of his tax situation so he can easily keep an eye on things, and because the service knows him, his details are already filled in on most forms he has to complete.

"The myIR system has already been good for me running my business. I can do a bunch of stuff in the one place and have visibility of everything that is going on with my tax. Adding GST to this means I can simply complete my GST inside the myIR system - I'm already signed in so I don't fill in my details each time. It saves time each time. This all adds up."

Zane is not alone. More than 115,000 businesses have filed over 350,000 GST returns through myIR since it was introduced in September last year. 71,000 businesses filed their GST through myIR in May alone.

Through myIR, Individuals like Zane, many of whom are running a business, can:

- register for GST and file their GST and other tax returns

- file their employer monthly schedule

- easily update bank accounts, phone numbers addresses and email details

- get a personalised calendar of important due dates

- see if they are due a refund, check their KiwiSaver account or Student Loans balance

- view payments to and from Inland Revenue.

Zane says: "Doing business tax online saves me time and I can get on with actually running my business.

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