1 May 2018: The Government announced in January 2018 that the Better Public Services programme would not continue in this form. These pages have been archived.

Result 9 Case Study 12

New Zealand's first accelerator process for government projects, the Result 9 Accelerator, was launched in April 2015. It was initiated by the Result 9 - Better for Business partnership using Wellington business incubator Creative HQ.

Better for Business is a partnership of government agencies working to make it easier for business customers to deal with government. Better for Business is working to reduce costs and improve services by accelerating the development of joined-up services for business customers.

Accelerators are used globally by private sector entrepreneurs to develop an idea from a concept to a solution that is ready for investment and development. Ideas that are worth pursuing, as well as those that are not, can be identified quickly through the accelerator process.

In the Result 9 Accelerator private sector entrepreneurs and public sector staff work together in small teams. Each team focusses on a pain point for New Zealand businesses' dealings with government. Over 12 weeks the teams develop a minimum viable product (a proposed solution that is ready for further investment and development), which is then pitched to a public-private sector investment panel. Business participation throughout is critical – early and frequent customer engagement is essential to developing a customer-focused product or service.  Following the pitch, investors undertake due diligence and may then proceed to implement the solution.

The Result 9 Accelerator trial is testing the feasibility of the process as way of developing government services.  If the Accelerator is successful, it has the potential to be used by government agencies to drive the rapid development of public services that are customer-focused by design.

The trial is also seeking to deliver projects that can be rolled out quickly and that will improve business-to-government interactions in New Zealand. Five projects are being investigated through the trial:

  • simplifying building consent processes
  • using government data to provide location-based information to retail and hospitality businesses
  • simplifying and improving the compliance process for businesses and employees going through an application for the Essential Skills Visa
  • developing a marketplace to make it easier for businesses to find out about and request access to government APIs (Application Programming Interface), so that businesses can build better services for their customers using government information and services
  • reducing the barriers to participating in government procurement processes.

The Result 9 Accelerator is helping to drive innovation and change in the way the public and private sector work together to build better services for business quicker.  It makes it easier for entrepreneurs, software developers and start-up specialists to co-design and create solutions with government. It provides an alternative way for government to procure private sector services and it gives private and public sector investors an opportunity to invest in delivering solutions that have both public and private sector benefits.

Find out more from those involved – watch Accelerate! Better for Business:

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