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Build easy, legal staff contracts

Relying on a handshake isn't enough. Employers need an up-to-date employment agreement for every person they employ. This is why Business.govt.nz launched the Employment Agreement Builder (EAB), to help employers create written agreements easily and effectively.

"EAB makes creating an employment agreement easy. It's a powerful tool to give confidence to those involved in the hiring process and save them time and money," says Business.govt.nz manager Matt Kennedy-Good. "Not only is a written employment agreement a legal requirement, it's a great foundation for a good employment relationship."

DIY with confidence

With EAB, employers can:

  • create tailored employment agreements quickly and easily
  • understand which clauses are must-haves - and which are best avoided except in certain circumstance 
  • get advice on what different industries might need to include
  • read up on common mistakes and how to avoid them.

EAB will be constantly updated so employers don't have to worry about brushing up on employment law changes every time they create a new contract.

Feedback so far has been positive. "It's much more user-friendly and has nice plain English wording. This is so helpful for people who aren't 100 percent sure about what has to and doesn't have to be included in an employment agreement," one EAB user told us.

Designed for small businesses by small businesses

To build EAB Business.govt.nz worked with small businesses owners in different industries all over New Zealand. The team heard about their experiences with employing new staff and what they thought a good employment agreement tool might look like. They also worked with labour inspectors, union experts and employment lawyers.

EAB couldn't have been created without all this valuable knowledge.

Business.govt.nz is asking small business owners, operators or advisers help shape tools and content for Business.govt.nz by joining their customer group. These insights will play an important role in helping other small businesses thrive.

Numbers since launch - April 2016

Business.govt.nz has had 50,266 users visit the tool and complete a total of 14,157 agreements. Seventy-five percent of our users have awarded five stars out of five to the tool; since launch EAB has consistently scored an average of 4.6 stars.

Quotes from our users:

"A fantastic, easy to use tool. No employer has any excuse not to provide a great agreement with this tool."

"A great tool. Comprehensive and easy to follow. Thank you very much."

"An AWESOME set-up! Includes all the necessary things giving us peace of mind that everything is covered! Thank you."

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