1 May 2018: The Government announced in January 2018 that the Better Public Services programme would not continue in this form. These pages have been archived.



The Government is committed to making it easier for businesses to work with government. Part of that commitment involves cutting the red tape to allow businesses to get on with doing business.

With that in mind, in February 2014, a brand new Employer Registration (ER) service was launched, meaning that new companies can now register as an employer with Inland Revenue when they incorporate on the Companies Office website. 

Previously, companies could register for income tax and GST and obtain their IRD number when they incorporated online, but they then had to separately visit the Inland Revenue website to register as an employer, duplicating most of the information they had already provided to the Companies Office.

The ER service means that newly-formed companies now only need to supply this key information to government once, saving time and expense.

The Better Public Services for Business (Result 9) programme is all about making it easier for businesses in their transactions and interactions with government agencies. Result 9 works across a number of agencies to make sure that joined-up government services aren't a one-off event, but an ongoing commitment from agencies to improve businesses perceptions of interacting with government.

Employer Registration is one of the many ways that Result 9 is working in collaboration with government agencies like Inland Revenue and the Companies Office to cut the red tape and deliver better public services designed with businesses in mind.

Since the launch of ER in February, more than 1,350 employers have used the service.

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